CAPEAFRICA undertakes turnkey supply and implementation of wind (and solar) measuring towers (of up to 120m) and metrological instrumentation, furthermore provides specifications for wind measurement campaigns, plus manages and reports on related data.

CAPEAFRICA, in conjunction with MEGAJOULE undertake Wind Resource Assessments, from Greenfield to Bankable assessments via state of the art tools such as CFD models, Mesoscale models and remote sensing – for provision of wind flow models, turbine and wind farm performance, and energy estimates, all in accordance industry validated standards.

Due to the CAPEAFRICA – MEGAJOULE co-operation we can offer an all-in, streamlined package, so practical works for information gathering: supply, installation and maintenance of equipment: measuring masts, instrumentation, remote sensing units, combined with desk-top requirements: measuring specifications, data management, reporting, and wind resource assessments.