CAPEAFRICA Renewable Energy Services is a company focused on providing renewable energy solutions throughout Africa. The company was founded in 2009 by Neil Parker and acquired in February 2015 by Yats Gopaul through Gopaul Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd. The primary focus within the renewable energy being Wind & Solar PV Solutions. In a JV with YGC Consulting (Pty) Ltd, CAPEAFRICA has diversified into providing energy related solutions for Rural Communities, Solar PV Home Solutions, Solar PV and Hybrid solutions for commercial & Industrial buildings. We are still committed to the installation of masts and instrumentation for resource assessment within the wind sector. Working with corporations and mining houses, we have been able to deliver energy solutions to rural communities through the Social Labour Plans (SLP) and CSI Programs. We are proud to be a BBBEE Level 1 contributor in line with South African Department of Trade & Industry Code

Product & Services: 

  • Rural Energy Solutions

  • Solar PV Design & Installation for individual residences, residential complexes, commercial and industrial buildings

  • Installation for Wind Resource Assessment

  • Designing and Implementing social performance and community investment programs

  • Design and installation of grid tied and off-grid mini-grid systems

  • Installation of Solar PV driven boreholes with DC / AC pumps

  • Installation of Solar PV irrigation systems